About Us

We are not passionate about roofs and construction. We are interested in it, we enjoy it, but if someone tells you their passion is roofing, you’ll probably raise an eyebrow to say the least. What we are passionate about is YOU!

Colorado Native is first and foremost a customer service business, we happen to provide construction and restoration services because it is a vertical that customer experience can shine the brightest.

We are obsessed with customer service and the experience our customers go through within our process. This is where we find joy, competition amongst one another, and a true love of our job. Every detail of your experience with us is continually under the microscope of improvement. From the shirts we wear to nails we choose, nothing is overlooked. Every single thing that touches our clients is scrutinized, analyzed and optimized with all roads leading to phenomenal customer experience. We have one goal on every project: Once we shake your hand and sign off on the job, you should want to tell every neighbor, friend, relative or stranger that you come across about the amazing experience you had with Colorado Native. That is our vision, that is our purpose, that is our goal.

And yes, we get asked a lot, we are Colorado Natives. Born and Raised. Our homes, families, and lives are here in Colorado, and they always will be.

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