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State Of The Art Roofing systems that not only hold up with the toughest Colorado storms can offer, but actively clean smog from the air!  Yea, you read that right and we’re 100% serious.

We also offer reflective roof shingles and breathable synthetic underlayment that can keep your 2nd level cool and cut down on your energy bill.

Every Job comes with progression emails every step of the way. Your own web page with project updates, insurance information and phases. Guaranteed property clean up that leaves your property in better condition than when we arrived.  We are on time, in uniform, professional and communicative.  What else are you looking for!  Fill out the form or give us a call to see first hand how different we really are.


Dealing with hail or wind damage? Nobody works harder to insure your insurance covers the damage.

As the saying goes: If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait a minuet and it will change.

Colorado’s climate produces the 2nd highest amount of hail in the nation. For this reason, there are a lot of roofs that get replaced every year. Why is this important enough to bring up at the top of our roofing page?  Two reasons:

  1. Because it hails so much here in Colorado, it attracts “Storm Chasing” general contractors.  Although there are some good out of state companies that storm chase, this specific type of general contractor is more often than not known for blowing into town, throwing on as many roofs as they can possibly sell, often cutting corners, then blowing back out of town just as quickly.  When issues arise with insurance or quality of the roof, they are often nowhere to be found.  Some of these companies even have shell offices buildings that they will leave vacant all year just so they can claim a Colorado address and paint themselves as “local”.
  2. When hail season comes around, there are so many homes that need insurance claim adjusters, it overwhelms the insurance companies.  In Colorado, these insurance adjuster are not required to be certified. Now don’t get us wrong, these adjusters are good people and they genuinely want to do a good job. However, because of the shear number of claims, they are often given inadequate training. This often results in a claim that is not including all of the components needed to build a quality roof that is up to code.

Part of our job, is to work with the insurance agent and the claim adjuster to ensure you, the homeowner, get everything your policy states you should be getting with a roofing or exterior build.   This is one of the very good reasons to choose a quality general contractor for your roofing project.  You need a company that will take the time to inspect your roof properly. Sit down with the insurance agency, get all the necessary components included, walk you through the entire insurance process, and ensure you pay nothing additional out of pocket other than your deductible.

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