Community Involvement

Colorado is our home, it always has been and always will be. As such we have a great passion to give back to the community that helped raise us and that has been so good to us. We owe a tremendous debt that we can never repay, but that does not mean we are not going to try.

We believe that one of the main purposes of a small business is to entrench itself within the community it serves.

We are very active with youth sports programs. We volunteer our time to coaching, we support the local high school programs by advertising in their gyms and fields.

We are active with the local food bank, volunteering our entire staff one day each year to help provide food to those with less.

We actively donate to the local Fort Collins homeless shelter with our Roofs for Those Without Roofs program.

We help less fortunate mothers buy diapers for their children with our Covering Roofs and Butts program.

We are always looking to broaden our involvement, and have current plans to work with the Lairmer County Habitat for Humanity program, volunteering our time and talent.

We also work with individuals that are less fortunate. If you have a need or know someone that does, please drop us a line or shoot us an email with the particular situation and how we can help. We can’t promise we can help every time, but we do promise that we will try.

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