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You’re on the brink of closing a deal, but bad news, the inspection report comes back, and you need critical repairs to the property before you can close. Your buyers want the repairs done before the deal is done, and they want it done right. Time is of the essence, and you understand that the process of getting these things taken care of can be costly both in time and in money. We are here to help. With licensed real estate agents on staff, we know that these things are time sensitive. We can get a qualified property consultant out to the house to conduct an inspection within 24 hours. From there, they will make recommendations on if the current homeowner should file an insurance claim, or we will provide an estimate for an out of pocket replacement. In these situations, we know that there are a lot of moving pieces, and we are committed to getting these projects scheduled and completed as quickly as possible so you, the agent can get paid, the homeowners can get the house off of their hands, and the buyers can move into the home of their dreams with the peace of mind that they have a great new roof over their head.

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